Technology and Security


We ensure in our certified high-security data center in Kirchheim that your servers (and therefore also your systems) are secure and failsafe. We offer you the highest security standards (based on the German Data Protection Act).



New Construction

  • Future-proof: state-of-the-art technology
  • Modular design: 10 modules
  • 5,400 m2 of data center space
  • Space for 2,800 server racks

Quality Made in Bavaria

  • Based in Munich
  • Real data protection
  • 25 years of data center experience
  • Sound company

Operational Safety? Of course!

  • 72-hour independence from external electricity and water supply
  • Multiple redundant grid connection and air conditioning
  • 12 fire compartments
  • Two independent carrier and meet-me rooms

The Data Center

  • Self-contained areas (cages)
  • Exklusive rooms just for you (suites)
  • Emergeny offices
  • 24/7 access
  • Remote hands and support for installation and removal

Carrier-Neutral - Absolutely!

  • At least 12 carriers available
  • Free choice of line provider
  • Direct fiber optic connection to you
  • Separate feeds into the building from different directions

On the Safe Side

  • Geo-redundancy
  • Security based on the onionskin principle
  • Two single entry access control systems, separate material lock
  • Functional construction without potential target areas

SDC in the SpaceNet Group

  • Owner-managed group of companies
  • 25 years of data center experience
  • Commitment to digital network policy
  • 100% subsidiary of full-service internet provider SpaceNet

Excellent Location for You and Your Data

  • At the gateway to Munich
  • Away from urban traffic
  • Easily accessible by car and suburban rail
  • Bicycle stands on site

Convenient Working

  • Small items of equipment directly on site (network cables, cable ties, etc.)
  • Truck delivery area and protected storage space
  • Comfortable lounge for concentrated working
  • Beverages and coffee

Proven. Quality.

  • Certification based on ISO 27001
  • Certification based on EN 50600
  • Data center experts in accordance with ITIL

Good for You. Good for the Environment.

  • Excellent energy  efficiency
  • 100% green energy
  • Annual average PUE of 1.2
  • Adiabatic cooling without energy-intensive compressors